hi im isabel and tangy is the best
this might as well be a tangy blog

i use this blog to document my stay in Daybreak

no friendcode yet because have 2 trade red ds for poptart money


my icon creeps me out like tangy is watching over me as i make bad text posts

silently laughing at my every mistake


animal crossing quiz

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there’s only 11 more days to pick copper or booker

there’s only 11 more days to pick your characters name for AC

there’s only 11 days left to pick a town name


if you are still looking for a town name try this! It’ll likely take a lot of regenerating and switching things up, but i came up with a lot that i really liked and it’s not too bad



i had a dream that nintendo sent out 5 people’s preorders early if they won some tumblr contest and i did and it was amazing and i got the game and the fab 3ds xl and NL was perfect and i woke up so excited to add people and i checked my room and i still have that stupid red 3ds im selling and it was just like


finally went and made an ACNL blog so i’ll stop spamming people on my main ;;

so i’ll start with a question for the AC tag! Do any of you expect to restart your town searching for a certain fruit/grass type/villager?

i think i might restart to get tangy/oranges, but i hate the thought of restarting a town and leaving everyone behind!

What’re you guys gonna do?